This is the old Awards System. It is here so you can view your old nominations and copy over any information to the new system that you may wish. All information here should be considered outdated. Please visit the new Award pages to view the current awards offered and begin a nomination.

Awards, Scholarships, and Fellows


Helpful Hints

  • You can combine multiple Award emails into one account through your Award user home page by clicking on the link called "My Awards Contact Info."
  • Visit our Member Directory for information that will aid in completing a nomination, including a member’s volunteer, leadership, and committee service.
  • To bring in formatted text from Word, first copy the text in Word, then in our Awards Program, click "paste from Word" -- the last icon on the formatting toolbar along the bottom of the text box.
  • If you will be nominating someone for more than one award, please submit separate nominations.
  • Scholarships and fellowships allow self-nominations. Fill out the Nominator Registration (or log in to your Awards Program account) and put your own contact information into the Nominee Contact Fields.
  • At any time during the nomination process, click "Submit Nomination," to run an error check on your nomination to see what needs to be completed or corrected.
  • If you go over the character limit, or if you have unrecognized characters, you will receive an error message. Use your browser's Back Button to make changes.
  • Character limits include all text, punctuation, and spaces.
  • Some awards require a current (2012) ASA, CSSA, and SSSA membership number. Membership numbers are five or six digits and appear on CSA News and journal mailing labels. You may also log in to www.agronomy.org, www.crops.org, or www.soils.org; your membership number will be displayed by your name. If you are re-submitting a nomination that requires a membership number, please enter the current (2012) membership number.
  • You can copy and paste information, such as a resume, into the online fields. Special characters may not copy over correctly. Please check those and use the Special Characters button in the formatting toolbar.
  • Two emails will be sent to references, one from awards@sciencesocieties.org containing instructions and one from the nominator's email address inviting them to write the letter. When references submit their letters, an email will be sent to the nominator.
  • Nominations are not considered complete, and will not successfully submit to the Awards Program, until all three reference letters are submitted. Nominators: Monitor reference letters and submit the completed nomination containing the three reference letters by the final submission deadline date.
  • Once the nomination is complete and the three reference letters have been submitted, click "Submit Nomination." If your nomination does not contain errors, you will receive this confirmation, "Your nomination is ready for submission." You must then click "Submit Nomination." A successful nomination will display this confirmation: "Nomination Submitted."
  • You can edit a nomination up until the final submission deadline, even submitted nominations. To do this, click "Nominations," then "View Nomination Detail," and "Open Nomination for Editing."
  • Following voting, nominations not receiving the award are changed to a saved status in the Awards Program and are kept online for three years. They may be re-submitted.
  • Members of the ASA, CSSA, and SSSA Executive Committees and Boards are asked to review the Policy for Awards regarding eligibility to nominate, be nominated, and write letters of reference.
  • Members of Award Committees are not eligible to be nominated, to prepare a nomination, or to write a reference letter for the specific award for which their committee is responsible. They can be nominated, nominate others, and write reference letters for all other awards.
  • If you are an Awards Committee member or on the ASA, CSSA, or SSSA Board of Directors and you were a nominator or reference writer on a nomination being resubmitted for this year, the status of the resubmitted nomination may be in jeopardy. To avoid any conflicts, change the reference writer before the final submission deadline and/or arrange for a different nominator.

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