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Soil and Water Conservation Scholarship

Award, Fellow, and Scholarship nominations initiated by April 09, 2013
Reference Letters and Final Nomination submission by April 17, 2013

The Soil and Water Conservation Scholarship was created by the Soil and Water Management Conservation Division (S-6) to encourage undergraduate students and to nurture young scientists and to help them become soil and water conservationists. The scholarship is meant to bring back into focus the vital necessity and passion for the discipline by encouraging current students to consider a career in soil and water conservation.

The award consists of a certificate and $3,000 honorarium provided through the Agronomic Science Foundation by a fund established by the Division and administered by the Soil Science Society of America. The awardee will be eligible to apply for a student trainee internship with USDA-NRCS.

In addition, $500 will be awarded to the student candidate’s major professor to encourage the continued mentoring of the student in the field of soil and water conservation, also to encourage the student candidate to apply for the scholarship, and to accompany the candidate to the SSSA Annual Meeting.

  1. The program is open to undergraduate students completing their junior or senior year by the end of spring term of the year in which they are submitting a scholarship application, or M.S. students.
  2. The student must be a student enrolled in a North American (U.S., Canada, and Mexico) University. Preference will be given to a student enrolled in a land grant university, or other universities having equivalent agricultural curriculum.
  3. Nominees must exhibit classroom activities, special students, or work experience in the field of soil and water conservation and be matriculating toward a degree and career in soil and water conservation.
  4. One of the three References is required to be the student’s major professor who will offer acknowledgement and support of the student’s activities.
The selection of the candidate for the award will be based on these criteria:
  • Current scholastic accomplishments (classes taken, projects completed)
  • Student’s career goals in soil and water conservation
  • Student’s work experiences in the field of soil and water conservation
  • Major professor’s support and acknowledgement of student’s activities

Nominee Qualifications:

  1. Current School
  2. Department Name
  3. Anticipated Graduation Date
  4. Academic Experience
    Describe your most beneficial academic experience since entering college. Provide a concise list of your major work and activities. (Character Limit: 3000)
  5. Letter of Interest
    State your background, strengths and accomplishments, history of community and extracurricular activities, interests in sciences and particularly soil science, significant work or volunteer related experience, and future career goals. (Character Limit: 6000)
  6. Resume
    Provide a resume that includes major, year in school, and cumulative grade point average. (Character Limit: 6000)
  7. Vision
    Summarize in this section your vision of the vital efforts required in soil and water conservation to maintain the sustainable production of our agricultural goods and services and to protect the quality y of our natural resources. (Character Limit: 6000)

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Note: Monitor these three letters online under "Nominations" as you will need to log in and submit the completed nomination containing the three reference letters.

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