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United Soybean Board Fellowship

Award, Fellow, and Scholarship nominations initiated by April 09, 2013
Reference Letters and Final Nomination submission by April 17, 2013

The United Soybean Fellowship promotes graduate education in the area of plant sciences, focusing on improved ways to grow soybeans. The intention of the Fellowship is to attract the highest quality students whose careers will continue to advance the science on improving ways to grow soybeans. Funds for the fellowship are made available by the United Soybean Board (USB) to the American Society of Agronomy. The Fellowship provides a $25,000 annual stipend to the student for up to four years provided that satisfactory progress occurs toward degree completion. The recipient also receives a membership to the American Society of Agronomy and a subscription to Agronomy Journal for the duration of the Fellowship.


  1. The applicant will have applied to become a doctoral candidate in Plant Sciences, focusing on improving ways to grow soybeans.
  2. The applicant must be a U.S. citizen.
  3. The applicant will submit proof of graduate school acceptance in the plant science/soybean area before receiving the Fellowship.
  4. The Fellow must study full time, maintaining a 3.5 grade point out of a possible 4.0.
  5. The Fellow must have a major professor whose primary area of research is in soybeans, and who is willing to submit an annual report on the student's progress to ASA and the United Soybean Board.
  6. The Fellow must be willing to present two reports to the United Soybean Board - one after year two to describe area of research and again at the completion of the Fellowship to present results and discussion. USB will be responsible for reasonable travel expenses for such requirements.
  7. The recipient will be asked to attend either a USB board meeting or the Commodity Classic to be presented with the Fellowship. USB will be responsible for reasonable travel expenses for such requirements.
  8. The applicant must intend to complete a doctoral degree.


  1. Proposed study program/area must be in soybeans
  2. Evidence of academic excellence
  3. Explanation of future professional plans
  4. Demonstration of leadership and other experiences predicting future success

Nominee Qualifications:

  1. Letter of Interest
    Explain why you are interested in plant sciences, with focusing on soybeans, and why you are qualified to receive this fellowship. (Character Limit: 3000)
  2. Resume
    Provide a resume that includes educational background and grade point average, teaching, research and/or extension contributions, and leadership activities. (Character Limit: 6000)
  3. Academic Experience
    Describe your most beneficial academic experience since entering college. Provide a concise list of your major work and activities. (Character Limit: 3000)
  4. Graduate School and Department
    Provide the name of the graduate school and department.
  5. Graduate Advisor
    Provide the name, phone and email address of graduate advisor.
  6. Doctoral Program
    Describe the type of doctoral program you would like to pursue. (Character Limit: 3000)
  7. Future Plans
    Briefly describe your future plans, telling how you can benefit and advance the science of growing soybeans. (Character Limit: 3000)

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