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Don and Betty Kirkham Soil Physics Award

Award, Fellow, and Scholarship nominations initiated by April 09, 2013
Reference Letters and Final Nomination submission by April 17, 2013

The Don and Betty Kirkham Soil Physics Award is designed to recognize a mid-career soil scientist who has made outstanding contributions in the areas of soil physics. This award is supported by the Lena and Maria van der Ploeg Fund and the Don and Betty Kirkham Fund. Both of these funds have been established in the Agronomic Science Foundation and administered by the Soil Science Society of America. The award consists of a certificate and $2500 honorarium.


  1. Nominators are required to be SSSA members.
  2. Nominees are not required to be SSSA members.
  3. The award is intended for persons in mid-career. After achieving a formal education, a person completing at least three years of professional activity in her or his focused field of study and not yet be retired from professional employment is considered mid-career.


  1. Significance and originality of basic and applied research in soil physics.
  2. Quality and impact of teaching soil physics at undergraduate and graduate levels.
  3. Total impact of contributions on soil science and other fields, nationally and internationally, as well as on the world community at large.

Nominator Qualifications:

  1. Current Position Title
    (Character Limit: 100)
  2. Membership
    SSSA Membership Number (Character Limit: 6)

Nominee Qualifications:

  1. Current Position Title
    (Character Limit: 250)
  2. Degrees Received
  3. Professional Positions Held
    (Character Limit: 2000)
  4. Date of Birth
    (ex. 1975) (Character Limit: 4)
  5. Research
    List research contributions. a. Provide listing and evaluation of basic and/or applied research activities with emphasis on significance, impact, originality, creative reasoning. b. Other related research activities. (Character Limit: 3000)
  6. Membership
    List membership in professional, honorary, and academic societies. (Character Limit: 1500)
  7. Honors and Awards
    List honors and awards received (Character Limit: 3000)
  8. Contributions to the Profession
    List contributions other than service to the profession. (Character Limit: 3000)
  9. Teaching Contributions
    List (a) courses taught, dates, and approximate enrollments; (b) an evaluation of teaching effectiveness and teaching contributions; and (c) approximate number of students trained. (Character Limit: 3000)
  10. Service to the Society
    List service to the Society. Include national, regional, and state activities, i.e., appointed positions, elected position, other service. (Character Limit: 3000)
  11. Professional Contributions for the Don and Betty Kirkham Soil Physics Award
    Describe the nominee's technical or nontechnical publications, patents, and efforts to develop or improve programs, practices, and products. List up to 12 of the most significant professional contributions of the nominee. (Character Limit: 4500)
  12. Evaluation
    Summarize in this section the primary contributions on which the nomination is based. Give the nominees contributions and their impact in one or more of the evaluation criteria given in the Award Description and criteria sections, clearly and explicitly (Character Limit: 3000)

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