This is the old Awards System. It is here so you can view your old nominations and copy over any information to the new system that you may wish. All information here should be considered outdated. Please visit the new Award pages to view the current awards offered and begin a nomination.

Awards, Scholarships, and Fellows

Awards, Scholarships, & Fellows

Awards, Scholarships, and Fellows
Recognize the achievements of students and peers by participating in our Awards Program. ASA, CSSA, and SSSA annually recognizes individuals for dozens of awards, scholarships, and fellows for achievements in a variety of disciplines and at all levels of the professions, undergraduate students, masters, Ph.D.'s, post-docs, and those in early, mid-, and late-career.

Award Information
The 2013 Awards System is open for nominations in February 2013.

Award, Fellow, and Scholarship nominations initiated by April 09, 2013
Reference Letters and Final Nomination submission by April 17, 2013

Other Awards
In addition, there are dozens of awards and contests (including scholarships and travel grants) sponsored by ASA Sections & Communities and CSSA Divisions and SSSA Divisions. View these individual pages for awards information, including eligibility, requirements, and deadlines.

Important Notice
Members of award committees may not be nominated, nominate, or write a reference letter for the specific award for which their committee is responsible. They can apply, nominate, and write a reference letter for all other awards. Members of the ASA, CSSA, and SSSA Executive Committees and Boards are asked to review the Policy for awards regarding eligibility to nominate, be nominated, and write letters of reference.

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